Friday, March 3, 2017

Colorful fun for your winter blahs

I remember taking a workshop that was all about sensory play, and that is where my love for tactile play comes in, I love playing with my kids in the sensory table! So I have a fun, colorful idea for you!

Say it with me: WATER BEADS! Yes! They are so much fun, that water beads are rated as a #1 best seller for kids toys on Amazon... if you haven't tried these you are missing out on some really fun times with your kids.

For a tub of water beads I put in about half of the bag, so 4 oz.

For $3.50, I have something that will entertain all my kids from 2-yrs through 8-yrs old! I add bowls, kitchen utensils, and sometimes plastic animals or tractors to the sensory bin and let them play! they have fun, and it makes me smile when I hear their giggles!

From the Manufacturer:


1. Sensory Water Beads

Sensory play is what water beads are best at. Kids of all ages love the feel and look of them. They are so enticing! Colorful, smooth, squishy, cool… Really, there’s not much more you need to do with water beads than have a bowl full of them to plunge your hands into and hold and squish them.
Water beads seem like magic to kids because the beads start out so tiny and grow within a few hours. Just watching the beads change is a fun activity for younger kids. 

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