Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Nicks Tenderloins and Blank Park Zoo visit recap

looking at the funny otters!

A perfect Saturday for this stay at home mom is when we are able to do something as a family in the morning, then for a late lunch/early supper, then we go out to eat. A couple Saturday on a nice late winter Saturday when the weather was just warm enough to stay outside for a couple hours we went to the Blank Park Zoo, It was a fun time, not too busy and not too hot! Those are the days I cherish during a long winter month!

at the Discover zone with the fish
Notice in the pictures that it was a perfect time to go to the zoo, (not too many people) and that is part of the reason why I love having a membership, you can go to the zoo on a whim and if it's too busy you come back when it's not as busy and spend more time at each exhibit! (I suppose it a dirty little secret my kids haven't quite got onto yet!)

On a side note, during the spring and summer absolutely love going to the HY-Vee down the road and get sushi for me, and Lunchables for my kids so we can have lunch at the park in the Zoo's parking lot, they kids love it, there is a shelter with tables, and lots of shade, the sounds of the birds and the tall grass and my kids playing makes this a perfect spot to chill, and eat some sushi!

This particular day we had a wonderful time at the zoo, and then we wanted to try a new restaurant, It's a little-known secret that in Iowa there is a place that has the best tenderloins in the nation, and that is right here in Des Moines but more particular it's on the South Side of the Des Moines Area. Watch out Smitty's Tenderloin, a new kid's in town and the Tenderloin is thick and perfect made my Nicks Town House Tenderloins! 
The king tenderloin is about 2 inches thick, biger than a bun!

With the perfect crunchy outside and moist tender pork when you bite into the King tenderloin it's delectable! No wonder Iowa Pork producers voted the King Tenderloin the best tenderloin in Iowa (nation) because we (Iowa) are known for the best tenderloins in the nation. Thanks to the Pork Producers for that, enough stories and people have shared that when they land in the Des Moines area the first stop they make is down the road to a tenderloin shop for a perfect meal they have been waiting for.

This was our fist time stopping into Nick's What big shoes to fill when you open a tenderloin shop on the south side of Des Moines, It's gotta be good, there are enough places to choose from that you will need a killer tenderloin. And they did just that!

The King Tenderloin which my husband and I split was the perfect portion, most of the time we order one for each of us, so we could have leftovers, next time we will be doing that.  our kids had kid-friendly food from their kid menu, corndog nuggets.

The atmosphere was fun and kid friendly, you walk in and there is a bar, and the hostess greeting you, I felt like Nick's was more like a diner feel than a pub, which I am grateful for (Nicks bought the old Tavern on the south side.)

Thank you, Nicks, for having such a great kid-friendly restaurant that is close to the zoo so families can enjoy an Iowa favorite, and relax after a couple amusing hours at the zoo. We will be back often!

The rope bridge at the Discovery Zone at the BPZ
My quick tip for kids and families that go to the Blank Park Zoo, go to the discovery center when it's cold or too hot, it's air conditioned and heated during those days you need a break. The Zoo is open year round and the Discovery center is perfect for winter days. Eat before you go to the zoo, they don't let you bring lunch into the zoo.

To find out why I love my Zoo pass go to this blog post

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