Monday, March 20, 2017

6 ways to feel peaceful in any situations

 Got Chaos? I have some small and simple ways that I have personally felt peace on a daily basis. These ideas can really help ground you and help you feel more freedom from earth's care. The experiences I have shared has also helped my artist come out to play and create.

Walk by yourself. Walking helps the brain digest stress, I love my walks. I am happier for it. All I need is a good 30-minute walk,.  I get to walk around a pond every morning, or if it's one of those days that I need to get "lost" in my thoughts the trail by my house is a great one to escape into my thoughts. 
A clean house helps bring peace and happiness. I "shine" my sink almost daily it brings me peace.

Cleaning your living area. I strongly believe that a clean house is conducive to a more peaceful life. I hate cleaning but I can feel more peace once my house is organized. With that said I balance organized chaos and a clutter free house very well. Also if you are a creature of habit or routine, staying on a cleaning routine helps a ton, and it's in those times that I can feel peace.

Letting go of control. For me there was nothing more important than letting go of that control, I felt free and almost like my soul was going to burst with goodness. What do I mean by control? It could mean that you came to your aha moment about that life isn't about you (it's about your kids.)

I tell myself, not my circus, not my monkeys I try really hard to not let others bother me, including what they are doing or are not doing. Which then leads me too...

Let your people help you: Yes we all want to be self-sufficient. and not "need" any help, I am talking about your family members. Let your husband help load the dishwasher, fold the clothes. We can't and shouldn't be able to do it alone. If you need help ask! You are cultivating a relationship with each and every family member, let them feel like they are part of your loving and caring family, even when they give you that laser soul crushing stare.  

Change your environment. Your environment plays a huge part of what and how you feel. I like an analogy about a fish tank, there is a crucial ph level that all fish need to have, if you go over or under that ph level they can not thrive. Same thing with us, there is a level of tolerance that we can thrive in. Is our environment something that we can thrive in. If not change it.

DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF I am a huge advocate for mental health. I know that if we don't take care of ourselves we are more likely to get in a funk, or even worse get into a depression. I know I sound dramatic, and maybe it is, but doing something small for yourself isn't being selfish.
captain's living quarters during the Civil War

I like to think about this analogy: When there is a war, the leadership: (captains) have a better living quarters than the soldiers, why? because they need that space to think, make the right decisions, how can they when they didn't have a good night's sleep, and not taking care of themselves.  We need to do that for ourselves. I believe it's not being selfish it's having foresight for what's to come.  For me personally, I need a good 3 hours of creative time a day to feel peace and calmness in my life. Those three hours are my time to help me be the best mother I can be. I get that time in the morning before school, and after bedtime.  

Do you have anything that brings you peace with a house full of children? I would love to know your secrets and ideas!

Happy creating a peaceful self! 

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