Friday, March 10, 2017

DIY PK Smores

This is a super easy recipe that most Preschool children can do on their own with little help from a grownup!

DIY PK Smores (I can't believe I haven' thought of this before now.)

Yup my active and spunky pk son wanted a snack,  so I said look in the PBS Do It Myself Cook Book and find something you want to eat. He's not a huge fruit or Veggie fan so... he saw the only not so healthy recipe (go figure right?) I was secretly hoping for the veggie wrap snack... SMORES it is!

I love recipes that are kid proof. This one is.

you will need:

Chocolate frosting
Marshmallow cream
and graham crackers
 a teaspoon and a butter knife to spread and a cutting board for easy cleanup

I let him use our teaspoon cookie scoop to measure out the frosting and marshmallow cream. We broke the graham cracker in half and put one tbs. of chocolate frosting on one side, and the marshmallow cream on the other side, then we put them together. A PERFECT SNACK for a PK to do it all by himself! It helped that the whole family ate them as soon as it was made!

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