Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Welcome mom's

Coupon SAHM I AM, after toddler story time our first class
Jenny, Anya, and I feel pretty awesome having a good crowd come out and listen to us ramble on how to use coupons at our coupon class last night, we love sharing our talent of saving money (our hubbies can't complain either) As this is a new blog, (it's been up about 2 weeks,) We want you to know that we take saving money seriously. We understand that in our society us women folk are the ones that are "in charge" of what the family eats, We take this very seriously, sometimes at the end of the month we will slip in pb and j for supper, and the dreaded grill cheese instead of let's say stake for supper but as women I think it's great that we have the freedom to chose what our family eats. That is why we felt so strongly to make a blog about saving money and how to put food on the table, we all know there is a better way to save money, keep our family healthy and not go crazy at the grocery store, unless you use your coupons, then you can call yourself the crazy coupon lady, like my husband and friends call me.
We hope you enjoy our blog, leave comments, we are self absorb and love when people have something to say to us, We hope this is a blog that you can come too to get inspired to do your grocery shopping without spending too much money

Happy Savings

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