Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Questions: It's cheaper to go with the Generic than use my coupon

I have had a lot of people say every time I go to the store I have my stack of coupons at hand and ready to go but when I get there it's always cheaper to buy the generic than the brand name so I then only use one or two from my stack of coupons what's up with that?

The simplest answer is that, you are not waiting to use your coupon. Most of the product coupons you will collect will not be cheaper than the generic brand until they go on sale. You must wait and cash in on the "hot deal" when you can pair the sale item with the manufacture's coupon to get the 60%-80% that we say you can get. That is why we stockpile, and get a 6 month's supply of one item in that sale period. You can bet that in another 6 months that item will be on sale again with a coupon.
my favorite tip is to go onto and find the store you want to shop at and see what percentage  you can save during the store's sale and use those coupons that say  you are able to save 80% on this item that's when I stock up and save.
For more information Go to our post baby step 3, how and when to use coupons

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