Tuesday, March 22, 2011

T Shirt Quilt

Yes I know that spring is here, but on the off chance that you still have an itch to make a quilt, I can tell you that you can make a full size quilt for under $25! Yep use up all those old T-shirts that you don't wear any more and put some fleece or flannel backing on it, you can quilt it or in my case I tied it and you got your self a quilt! Don't think you can do it? this is my first ever quilt I have made, can you tell? Nope I didn't think so either, or at lest I can't tell. So I am here to tell you to take a chance, get your sewing supplies out and have at it with your old t-shirts! You will be glad you did! Still need some inspiration? the other ideas would be to cut up shirts in your "garage sale" pile and piece them together. I have some shirts that my daughter wore that might not work for our next kid, or maybe you would rather have the material than to sell the shirt for $1 at a garage sale, so cut them up sew them together and you got your self a cute quilt for a baby. Or if you have a baby shower coming up and you like to quilt buy clothes at a garage sale and reuse them as fabric in a quilt.

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