Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby Steps to saving money with coupons Step One

Ready to start couponning  but might be a little shy? Let us show you how. Although there is no fast way to save big with your coupons, you will find that a lot of baby steps will lead to a bunch of savings by using coupons. I feel that as soon as you start seeing the rewards of using coupons you will feel empowered saving at least 60% on your grocery bill every time. These are your baby steps:

1st step, learn how to shop. Yep it's a learning curve that no one told me about, a trial and error sort of thing. Of course you want to shop the way that works best for you, however you might try some of these ideas to see what works the best.
1. always go shopping with a list.  I seem to buy way to much stuff, or junk that I don't use when I don't follow my list, or I forget the one thing I went into the store to get. For example, opps I forgot the milk again..GRR right?

2. plan your menu ahead of time, and go shopping weekly. That's right no more running to the store in the afternoon and spending who knows how much.  And no more major monthly shopping trips. As a mom who have done both, the monthly shopping trip is the worst, you spend more than you should and yet you are still going to the store in a couple of days for produce, yet again spending money on other things.
3 Going to the grocery store a lot. For me, I usually am in the store at least three times per week but only buy my groceries once a week if I can get away with it. What the heck am I doing in the Grocery store the other two times? I am looking for sales, unadvertised deals and seeing when the produce  get stocked and planning my shopping trip, making notes on if I need to find a coupon for an item that is on sale that I missed. Some stores, will even raise their prices 1 or 2 cents during the weekend because they can get away with it. if I am going grocery shopping I am looking for the best deal  I can get, just like buying a car.
4. Stocking up on the Item at it's cheapest price. Have most of your item on that list should be sale items, or items that have coupons with them or if you are really good the items on your list will be on sale with a coupon.

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