Friday, March 18, 2011

Target Information

Target Coupon Policy

Target Price Match Policy

Target Coupons

Target has in-store coupons that can be paired up with manufacturer coupons for great savings! Usually you will be able to print each coupon twice. You can print these coupons here
When shopping, keep your eyes peeled for clearance, price cuts, and other discounts! Target will sometimes have Gift Card Promotions. The Gift Card will be used for a future purchase. Sometime you will see the gift card deals in the weekly ads. By combining these types of sales with Target Coupons and Manufacture Coupons, you can score some sweet deals!
Sometime you may feel the cashier is not happy about all your coupons, but don’t worry you should feel proud that you are saving. Just keep a happy face and stay calm. Target puts out these coupons and deals expecting customers to use them. My advice is to scope out ALL the cashiers first. Look for someone that looks happy and easy going or someone you feel comfortable talking to. Often for me this type of person seems to be the young college man!

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