Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trendy Bow Card

Bows seem to be trendy these days and when I saw this 3d bow on the SOS I thought I had to get it and make a card with it. I really wanted something trendy and classic so pink and black color combo came to my mind. This card is super easy to make, here is the instructions:

Determine size, I decided I wanted a big card, at 5x7
Find a cute bracket shape, whatever you think would be cute for the black background, cut it, I think I got two on a 12x12 sheet

Cute the bow to the length of the card. I used the base part of the ribbon as my guide, I (used basic grey pink paper) staple the bow together, then glue the small cover around the bow and then add some small rhinestones to it. and then add a sentiment if you want to.


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