Wednesday, October 22, 2014

paper flower arrangement

 Did you know that the Silhouette online store has a ton of 3d flowers to use? I love them. I could spend all my nap times making these cute flowers... but then I remember that supper has to be made and clothes folded and baby needs to be nursed... bummer back to reality right? Really I love paper flowers, I used a lot of different paper flower shapes, too many to mention, (some are mentioned at the end.)  Little Hut has some really pretty paper flower shapes that I love, so does Jamie Cripps, and Lori Whitlock has some cute rolled flowers that I used.

I used a paper vase and cut that out of some sturdy card stock. (DCWV brand) and then found a small Styrofoam ball that fit nicely into the vase and glued that into the vase, just in so the ball suck out just a tiny bit. My goal was to cover the ball with flowers so we couldn't see it.

onto the cutting of the flowers. I have about 6 different flowers that I have saved on a file, so I can get about 6 to 9 up on a 12x12 sheet. of different flowers. Same with the rolled flowers, like the roses you see in the last picture. I cut the rolled roses at about 5 inches, and once they are rolled they work perfectly for a flower arrangement. You will have "create" the flowers, I use  hot glue and glue dots for this, lots of folding a paper sculpting, it's fun, you will need give or take 20 flowers. I inked some of the edges, and curled some of the pedals to make it look more realistic,

It was super easy to assemble after this, I just used a pearl pin to pin down the flower to the Styrofoam ball. I would use one of two of my favorite flowers at the top of the ball, my focal flower and then filled in the rest of the room with different flowers.

Onto the finish the project. I wanted a sentiment and I saw the perfect sentiment on the SOS. It was a free shape not to long ago, and it worked perfectly, I measured the space I wanted to use up for the vase and then designed and print and cut it with a cute frame around it. then add a ribbon around the vase, tape it on and then use some pop dots to add to the vase, I cover up the tape with the sentiment

Some notes that might help you:
pick out about 3 different types of paper in three color/ pattern. I used double sided paper by K and company and then medium thickness card stock.

Like I said I love making paper flowers, so when I want to make something but don't know what I will cut out flowers in the colors of the seasons and have some paper flowers handy when I need to make a gift fast. I made this in less than an hour because I had some paper flowers left over from a different project. All I needed to do was to create this wonderful gift for my Grandma C and it came together quickly.

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