Thursday, October 23, 2014

sketched flowers

I asked on a Face Book group why every one loves copic markers and if they prefer the markers over water color pencils, I couldn't bring my self to buy $3 for a marker, when my amazing Prisma Color Pencils and Water color pencils would do just the same, but for a fraction of the cost. I got a 50/50 split so apparently there isn't a right or wrong way to color in a stamped image or in my case a print sketched image I bought from the SOS.  Yep I cheated and printed out the sketch image on my inkjet printer. I loved the results. the main thing that you have to do is make sure  your line is at .pt or more and it will print. these card were easy. here's my instructions

find or design a sketch design for your card. make sure your line thickness in designer studio is at lest .5 pt or higher. I then did 2 up on an 8.5x11 piece of card stock. Print. (note you are not using your silhouette for any cutting.) I used my paper cuter to cut, which was easier to do then to run it through my Silhouette for one cut.

Cut and score the cards, and round the corners if you want.

On to the coloring. The blue flower card I used shimmer pastels, I used a lighter blue for a base color and then went in with a purple to make the colors pop, and give it some depth. I did the same for the leaves, starting with a lighter green and moving into a deeper darker green of shimmer pastels.  for the Red and Yellow I started with a lighter color and then went into a darker color. Remembering that you can always add to color but can't take away any.

I think these cards are just perfect for little note cards for thanks and thinking of you. I love being able to color a whole bunch at a time, I feel whole while doing these. And who gets a hand colored card anymore? They are just perfect!

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