Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Best Sous Vide Brownies

The best brownies I ever made was with my Sous Vide, that took 10 minutes of prep time. It was insanely easy So here is my secret:

Take a brownie box mix,
add the ingredients that is listed on the box to the mix, but only use about half of the oil and a little less of the water, (if you add all the oil you will have a mushy brownie, which is also really yummy!)
Mix the ingredients really well.

You will need about 6-8 jelly jars, or pint jars, spray the inside of the jar with oil so the brownies won't stick. Then add the brownie mix into the jars, leave lots of head space. Don't over fill them, I like to fill them about 2/3 full, but that would be my absolute max, filling them higher than that could mean a big mess if they overfull. Add your lids and bands, I reuse my lids, I just sharpie on the top of the lids, SOUS VIDE so I know that those lids have been used.

On a side note, I did add some heath toffee bits to the top of these brownies before I baked them

Get the water ready, the sous vide cooker ready and drop the jars into the hot water once it hits the temp. I cooked them at 195 F. for 3 hours, just watch your water level, and let them cool before taking them out of the jar, or leave them in the jar, add some ice cream and you my friend will have an amazing desert that people are just going to love!

Other insights: making brownies in each jar could be served to each family member. So you could customize for each person, you can add nuts, candy bits, caramel sauce whatever you can think off! You will have fewer dishes, you can eat the brownie out of the jar, add some ice cream to it for a really yummy treat. If you know you want this desert for dinner tonight just keep it warm in the water bath until you are ready to serve it. Or give this brownie in a jar way as a gift to someone to brighten their day! What ideas would you do with your Sous Vide brownie? I promise this recipe will be hard to give away because you will want to eat it all and not share, good thing it's so easy to make!

What else should I try baking this way? I was thinking Banana bread, or blueberry buckle maybe!!! I can't wait to try them!

If you are new to this type of cooking I have an introductory post to get you familiar with how Sous Vide cooking works.

So if you are looking into the Sous Vide process, Amazon has the one I have.

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