Monday, February 6, 2017

Valentines Day is February 14th Are you Ready?

Want a tool that your husband will love, but it's for you? and no it's not something for the bedroom Geehz!. It's for your Kitchen and it makes your life SO MUCH EASIER!!!

The Sous Vide cooking process has taken kitchens by storm, It's my new favorite tool that makes cooking effortless! Those moderate and economically cheap cut of meats, like a roast, will taste like you hired a  chef for the evening! This cooking process is something that you can do with little prep work in the kitchen, and the flavor and the tenderness of the tenderness of the meat are so unbelievable! Try a steak, and see how you like it, you will never go back to the grill, or the crockpot ever again. I PROMISE!

I made a chuck roast and it cooked all day in my Sous Vide water bath, It felt like forever!!! I am so glad I waited, I made a roux with the savory juices that came from the cooking process, and then let the meat rest while the roux/gravy was being made. I also cooked my carrots in the same water bath as the roast, just in a different bag, I wanted a maple glazed carrot for one of the sides, and it worked out amazing! It's  crazy how little prep work I did for the most amazing results! Here are some of my tips to make this chef-worthy meal:

Buy a chuck roast when it was 60% off, Freeze it,
The day before you want to cook it, take it out of the freezer to thaw
Add lots of pepper to the meat, (coat the meat in pepper and some herbs, whatever you like!)

Place the roast in the heated water bath and let it cook for a day like 18-22 hours,
While it's cooking cheek on the water level, add more if needed. and at some point, during the day you will want to add the carrots into another bag, and add some syrup and some spices to add some flavor. Add the bag of carrots to the water bath, and wait...

Once the meat and the carrots are done make the Roux from the juices of the meat, and dish up!

What do you think, a perfect gift right? You get a tool that makes cooking easy and fool proof, and other half gets an amazing dinner! 

Here is the perfect gift!

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