Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stock up Prices for the season

I love a good deal, and I am usually not  a big spender in late August or early September but I just thought I would post some of my price points  for seasonal items that are on sale this month.
Back to School:
Markers $1
Crayons $.50
Tape $1
Facial tissue paper $1
Pens Free-$1 per package

Grocery Items:
Zip Lock quart freezer bags 20 count, $1.25 (right now Hy-Vee has them for  $1.50 with a 2 cent FS which is cheaper than my price point.)
Peanut Butter, 12oz-16oz $1
Jelly (standard size) $1.25

Of course this time of year is a great time to stock up on snacks that kids like, there are always coupons and sales. However I really like to go by the 5 min. Rule and so these snacks usually fall into my 5 min. rule, however I did cave in a bit and bought some Rice Crispy treats, because I really don't like cleaning the pan after making Rice Crispy Treats.

Don't forget all the Collage back to school stuff like lab tops, digital storage (like pen drives and hard drives) are also always on sale along with office supply stuff.

I hope this helps when you are deciding if the sale item really is a good deal or not.

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