Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Doing something diffrent Silhoutte Challange

One of these days I will start posting more than just the Silhouette challenge but until summer is over I am too busy playing with my kidlets. On a side note not saving money much these days.I wanted to make a cute door hanging for my daughter's door to her room and thought this Shadow box from the Silhouette's online store would work out great. I wanted soft fun colors, and I wanted the pictures in sepia tone, since she had on some pretty vivid colors that clashed with the other pictures, The brown and the pink really worked out well I thought. Her name with the swirls were printed then cut on the Silhouette and then I painted on Glitter Glue (stickels) and then embellished the top with rolled flowers (see below for the link)

I have been working on this project for a month and a half and finally got it done, and I love the way it turned out. the Shadow box was fun to make, made me think about the project and I always enjoy getting my mind focused on a paper craft project.

The assembling of the shadow box took attention to detail, I had to watch Lori Whitlock's video a couple times to figure out how to make this (I recommend watching it once before you purchase the file and once after, and then have it up as a reference when you are assembling the shadow box.) You will be glad you got the file and all the fun ideas you can come up with, super fun I must say!

Product use:
6 12x12 white cardstock from  Hobby Lobby
2 12x12 sei patern paper (they don't sell this any more- I horde or collect paper until I am tired of it)
1 12x12 simply elegance paper from Hobby Lobby (rolled flowers)
Silhoutte's online store #id Design ID #26046, Design ID #26048, and Design ID #26049 
Hot Glue (to glue the flowers)
lots of glue, a sticker from HL's paper studio and MissKateCutibles (super cute designs)

Links to References (I like to think I come up with the projects on my own but really-who has time for that!

Shadow Box
Lori Whitlocks video on the project:

Rolled Flower:
Click here for the file
Here is a good tutorial on how to make rolled flowers (don't like to curl the pedals) Thanks Bird's Cards

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