Monday, June 19, 2017


I was on Amazon and they have my most favorite book on sale for 1.99! The Kindle book price is $1.99

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EEEKKK!!! This book changed my life, and I refer back to this book a lot! it's seriously worth your time to read! If you are at all creative or you lost yourself as being a mom, or a dad, and something is really missing in your life, this book is a way to jump start your life again. Seriously It's life changing for the better. I started blogging and watercolor on a regular because of this book, I got my life back and it's full of joy thanks to the help of this book. Julia Cameron is a brilliant Author and it's one of those books that can really help you learn how to use creativity to bless your life and those around you!

Not sure about this book, here are some of my favorite blog posts that the book has inspired me!

If any of my readers have read or "done" this book please let me know! Let me know what your favorite chapter was, or the most challenging thing you had to overcome from "reading" this book?

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