Monday, June 5, 2017

Got Kid Art?

Kids are a natural artist's so at our house, we try to do fun art,  It's really open-ended, and most activities can be done with simple art materials that you might have already.

Here are some of our favorite things we like to do...

Draw your Favorite Animal, since my kids animal changes daily you could make it into a book, for them!

Color your mood: Pick a color that matches the mood the child is feeling and color with just that, it's that simple, color whatever you want.... we like to use different mediums, like colored pencils, and markers to watercolor.

Paint with watercolor

Scribble Art: Scribble on some paper, then color in the areas with three or four colors. We love watercolor pencils for coloring in, and sharpies for the outlines.

Create a scene with window markers: Yes I love my windows for my children's canvas! it's so fun to see what they can create! and it makes me smile when I see their artwork on my patio door!

Paint or draw a Song: Paint/draw a picture to one of your favorite songs, (we like Gold Fish by Laurie Berkner) Or any classical music. Or A holiday favorite like Jingle Bells

Trace Shapes on paper: Find things to trace and then color it, We love wooden blocks s from Mellisa and Doug

Roll Dice Art Surprise game (it's really unpredictable and entertaining.)

Face Painting, We love Snazaroo's face painting products!

Marshmallow and toothpick sculpture: We like to make buildings and bridges!

Stamp/print with everyday objects you find around the house, make a background for wrapping paper.

Bubble printing  We love bubble wrap, but blowing bubbles and getting a neat print is so much fun!

Paint with Flowers and leave:, We like to collect leaves, flowers, petals, and acorns, and paint with them as if they were stamps or brushes.

Color with Markers

Create a picture with Shaving Cream, this one is so fun to do, it's a giggle fest! the plus side is your house will smell good, I make them clean up before they do something else. WE LOVE playing on our patio door with shaving cream! It's A blast!

Paint with Q-Tips I keep it simple and let them only have primary colors.

Playdough fun time. I have a tot of fun play dough toys that I have collected at Garages Sales, I even get excited for this one!

Make a collage with pom poms, you can glue pom poms, or use the pom poms as a brush, either way, it's a fun time. To glue the pom poms I use a hot glue gun.

Glue drawing and rubbing, get some school glue, let them make swirls, lines, whatever with the glue, then when it dries, let them do a rubbing or a resist on the glue.

Make a Collage: cut out images from magazines, find objects from nature and stickers, if you are using hard to glue things (pom poms, sequins, buttons leaves,) use contact paper, and then display it on a window.

Create beads with model magic Then the next day you can create a necklace

Draw or paint Nature

Paint Sticks: Got sticks, and paint, why not paint them, here is a post I did on this easy fun activity

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