Tuesday, February 25, 2014

paper flower arrangement

I love making things with paper (big surprise right?) When I realized that I could make a paper flower arrangement I was all ears! This was a gift for my sweet mother in-law for her birthday and I am so happy at how it turned out. It's was super simple here is what I did:


2-3 sheets of double sided patterned paper (I used some old Stampin Up paper that worked perfectly It was given to me by a friend at CCAL (camp create a lot at Pine lake in Eldora IA)

Card stock (I used Yellow)

Brads- I used paper studio ones that were clear gems

3 inch styrofoam floral ball

Yellow satin ribbon that coordinates with your patterned paper

pearl boutonniere pins

green pattern paper

Fluff, the tulle and floral accets you see

a quart size mason jar

green patterned paper

Hot glue and gun

Silhouette files: loopy flower, rolled rose, 3d water lily, so Many Smiles Begin with You, and a heart frame.

Cut out the flowers, I cut out 3 loopy flowers, and 5 rolled roses from the paper with a couple of the water lilly inside flowers to add to the arrangements. When rolling up the roses I have found that hot glue is my best friend to hold it together, and a quilling tool works wonders instead of you fingers doing all the work. 

Assemble the flowers, add brads or gems 

once you have that done, get out the Styrofoam ball, and start arranging the flowers, hot glueing them, and pinning them with the boutonniere pins. I started out with the big ones first and then when into the rolled rosses, then added the little inside of the water lily last to fill in gaps, do what ever looks good to you. I then added the fluff to the ball to make it look pretty (I know super technical!)

For the Mason Jar, I just used some simple green paper to line the inside of the jar, cut it to size of the jar and stick it in, 

once I liked how the flowers were arranged I hot glued the ball  with all the flowers on it to the mason Jar.

I added the quote inside the heart frame, and printed it out, then cut it out. I made little slits in the sides so the ribbon could attach to the quote I designed. then add a cute little ribbon to the top of the jar (this was made so it looked polished and so you couldn't see the glueey mess. 

It's was super fun to make, not to much effort, and I think it brightened up my mother in-law's birthday a bit!


  1. That is so cute! I love how it turned out. I jumped over from the silhouette weekly challenge post. Yours is one of my very favorites from this week!

  2. Lovely idea. I made a dozen 3d paper roses and vase last year for my mother in law and daughter in law and they loved them. I think this might be what I make this year. Thanks for sharing.


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