Tuesday, February 25, 2014

chocolate PB crescent roll

AKA easiest breakfast ever!

You know those mornings in the winter when every one is just like ahh another snow day, and all you want to do is not look out side at the 16 inches of snow you have gotten in the past month, That was the morning I figured why not try something crazy easy on Pintrest. Guess what it worked! best idea ever I wish I came up with it.

you need two ingredients (love those type of recipes)
crescent rolls
chocolate pb (I used Skippy, but Hershey's or Nuttella would also work well.)
I did sprinkle a bit of butter and brown sugar on the top of the crescent rolls but you don't have too.

unroll those crescent rolls, spread chocolate pb on it, roll them up (my 5 year old did most of the work, it was a great way to pass a cold snowy winter's morning) then if you want a bit of sweetness on top of the rolls, brush on melted butter and sprinkle brown sugar on top. Pop them into the oven at 350, for about 12 minutes and you will have one of the best kid friendly breakfast's around! my 2 year old had 3 of them! Yummo!

If you have a dipper in the family warm up some jelly in a small bowl and they could dip that into the jelly, for more of a pb and j style breakfast.

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