Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Easiest science sensory activity ever

This is a two ingredient sensory activity that my kids absolutely love, super simple and cheap (lol) ok ready: baking soda and vinegar! (can you hear the excitement and sarcasm from my voice?) for my two cute kidlets they love it because We get to make our own bubbles  mommy! This is what I do, I sprinkle the .29 cent box of baking soda I got on sale all a round the tub, inside dishes, and cups, poor some vinegar into a container, for added fun I add what ever color they want, and give them a dropper and let them play, I don't tell them what to do, I just let them explore. eventually they start pouring the vinegar all over and to see just how much bubbles they can make, and I then give them more vinegar to play with. this play time will last about 20-30 minutes for a 2 and 5 year old!

Here are some of my tips when doing this activity, 

Let them explore, sometimes it's best if I just over hear what is going on so they can play.
I do like to ask questions like what do you think will happen if I added more vinegar to this cup, is a different color of vinegar going to change how it bubbles? open ended questions are my favorite.

Have an empty sink when you are doing sensory table stuff like this, so it's easy clean up, I just rinse and dry, since all the containers are designated to be sensory table items I don't care if not sparkling clean, I only care if there are germs and gunk on it.

If you know a bit about science explain to them why it bubbles up, hubby is really good at that, I just let them play. 

stock up on both items, we do this about 4 times a season, they always have lots of fun with it. 

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