Monday, October 8, 2012

Now's the time to start collecting baking coupons

I love October, in fact it's my 3rd favorite month- next to December and May. I love October for the beautiful colors the cooler nights, and of course all the creativity that Halloween brings.

One of the other fantastic things that this Beautiful month brings is coupons, Yep I have a system for the month of October, and it's pretty simple, Stock up on Coupons- save your money and spend in November and December!  It might sound extreme as I don't really grocery shop much in the month of October ( every one is gearing up for November and December and sales are not that impressive to me.) So I print, and collect coupons to use them in the coming months and stock pile lots of baking goods and other things that our family uses for the coming year.

Here are some of my favorite ways to collect coupons, as most of you know we have all the coupon saving blogs that we love on our website, I like to scour those websites and print to my heart's content. I even get family and friends to print these coupons for me if they are a great deal. Please leave a comment on this post if you want to more information on some of the good websites to print coupons and I will post back.

The other tricks that I have up my sleeve are simple but seem to be very effective. I contact the Manufacture to get coupons, I love contacting the manufacturer for coupons, last year I emailed the company that makes the Andie's mints and they sent me a bogo coupon just for saying that I love your product and asked if they had some coupons! Simple and it saved be about $3. I will also ask vendors at our local Iowa Falls Hy-Vee if they have coupons to give, usually Nabisco has decent ones that I like to use when they have a good sale.

To start I have a generic letter that I have saved on my computer and plug in product name into the letter I copy and paste the letter to their comment section under the contact us tab and see what happens. It truly is a great way to save some money on products that you will use.

So if you can hold off on buying baking good products for a couple more weeks you will be very happy you did as you can get most things at least 50%-75% off.  One of the best deals of the season will be chocolate chips and other baking chips, which reminds me I need to use some up so I can buy some more baking chips for next year.

Good luck collecting coupons - or Stock Piling coupons so you can build your stock pile.

- Lisa

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