Owl Craft for preschoolers

I love to craft, and most know that the reason why I save money at the grocery store is so I can spend money on crafting- it's my addiction and I love it, so when I saw this amazingly cute owl in the Family Fun Magazine C and I had to make it with Little E trying to eat the cup cake wrapper (he's 9 months.) They turned out supper cute! Go here for the instructions, also found in October's issue of Family Fun Magazine.

C loved making these owls, my only notes for this craft that i did a bit differently are: for the ruffles/feathers I attached them with tape- not tacky glue to messy and you can't see the tape. for the eyes we used some stickers but you can use goggle eyes for those if don't have stickers for eyes (I don't know where you get them at- we got some from a friend. (Thanks SD)) 

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