Thursday, November 10, 2011

freeze milk?

Want to do it?
When you go to freeze the milk look at the date on it and figure out how many days are left until it expires. Write that number on the outside of the jug.

Example: The milk expires 3/14, 10 days from today. Write a 10 on jug. You are basically stopping time and now the milk will expire 10 days from when you start to thaw it.

You do not need to remove any milk from the jug! Now, when you are getting close to needing milk, pull it out at night and leave it in the sink overnight. Look at the number you wrote on the jug and use your calendar now to figure out the new expiration date. In the morning it will still have a solid ice core but go ahead and stick it in the fridge. By lunch time it’s ready to drink. Note, milk should only be frozen for 2-3 months.

Tip: If you freeze whole milk you may need to shake it up a bit after it completely thaws. Whole milk may also turn slightly yellow, it is still fine to drink. If your kids notice the color change… then it’s time to turn that into chocolate milk and they’ll never know!!

Do you have anything else strange that you love to freeze?

thanks SouthernSavers

I have not done this but sounds like a great idea if you can get milk when its on sale and stock up! Please note that HY-VEE has Milk on Sale on 11-12-11 1/2 gal for $1.28!!!!

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