Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stock up on Peanut Butter

The time to buy peanut butter is now! The Wall Street Journal reports that prices for Jif, Peter Pan, and other peanut butter jars will be going up as much as 40% starting in a couple of weeks.
In just one year, the wholesale price of peanuts has skyrocketed from $450 a ton to $1,150 a ton, thanks to Mother Nature and human folly. As a result:
Wholesale prices for big-selling Jif are going up 30% starting in November, while Peter Pan will raise prices as much as 24% in a couple weeks...Skippy [prices] are 30% to 35% higher than a year ago. Kraft Foods Inc., which launched Planters peanut butter in June, is raising prices 40% on Oct. 31
Invest now in a few jars of your favorite peanut butter brand (and, presumably, peanuts too) before this food staple becomes a luxury item

now you can understand why I have 27 jars of pb (or a year supply!) I do expect groceries to get more expensive.

For more info on this pb issue I have found two articles that are relevant if you want to read into it further:,0,1653651.story

What a huge Bummer, I will post coupons that you can find and print that might help you save money now before next month comes around.

I usually can get a small jar 15 oz. of pb for .40-.77 cents per jar. with a coupon when it's on sale.

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