Saturday, October 29, 2011

Harvesting/freezing pumpkins and Apples

I am in the Fall Harvest food mindset latley, it could be becuase I have 6 pumpkins and apples that I need to cook and presrve for the year untill next year ( I call this smart food storage) So I thought I would share some ways I personally plan on doing in the next week with my 6 pie pumpkins and my 80 lbs of Apples I have!

Pie Pumpkins

Go here for the instructions, I like using my oven, but since I am running out of time I will use the microwave variation also. You can also download a pdf of the insturctions if needed for feature refrence.


I like to freeze the apples in diffrent ways,

1.) Frozen apple shreeds Great for muffins and breads

shread the apples, I keep the peel on the apples, and core the apples, put it through a shredder  ( I have a Kitchenaid attachment that works wonders for this.) then I ration the portions in freezer quart size bags, I usually do 2 cups of apple shreds and make muffins with them.

2.) Apple Pie filling
find your favorite apple pie recipe, and prepare the filling, I dont cook the apples, I freeze the filling, my filling has sugar, flour and cinnomon in it, I also use this filling for an easy apple crisp. depending on the size of the apple, you will need 8-10 apples, I make three fillings per time in one big bowl, it's about 5-s cups of filling per bag

3.) Apple Sauce
Go here and here for videos on how to make yummy apple sauce I am using Johnathan Apples, Yummy! I plan on making a batch or two with cinnomon and the rest with out cinnamon, to use for baking.

Happy Harvesting! It's so fun to spend the whole day in the Kitchen, I relish those moments, it's one of the best part of staying at home!

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