Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Beauty of Coffee Filters DIY Paper Peonies!

I love frugal crafts, Paper flowers are frugal in the fact that you are using paper and glue for the most part. However, the time that is put into a paper flower is a labor of love.

As a little girl, I would make flowers out of tissue paper, and there are florists out that do this as a living, The tutorial/class I followed to make these beautiful Peonies used tissue paper. I had coffee filters, (a bit more frugal) After dying them in liquid watercolor the coffee filters were then dried and then cut into pedals that I could do something with! Cool right? So with about $2.00 in materials, literally the vase I found at a consignment store was more than the materials to make the 5 blooms. Cheap and fun to make, crafts that I love to make!

 I used this lesson on Paper Peonies to make these peonies for a friend that is having a baby girl this month. (which btw there are so many reasons why peonies are so easy to give to friends and family!)

I loved making them, in 5 hours I had 5 blooms ready to give or display to make you smile!

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