Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Paper flower Recital Bouquet

OH it's that time of the year again for graduations and recitals! I have some perfect bouquets for those special occasions!

Paper roses that have been hand died, to match your daughters costume, like these roses, are perfect for those pictures that you cherish, It makes your daughter feel like a princess! 

Daisies are the Perfect flower for any occasion, and the beauty of making these daisies are that they work well with lots of patterned paper, and they come together quickly while watching youtube tutorials, I mean netflix, or what ever you do on your downtime.... Who wouldn't want a bouquet of these? 

Periwinkle blue Iris's? Yes please!!! I can see Iris's being a very popular paper flower for any occasion, they make every one feel a bit more peace and comfort! Which is what you want your recently graduated Grad to feel right?

Happy Creating, and have fun giving paper flowers bouquets to those you love!

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