Friday, January 15, 2016

My ten minute food challenge or food cravings

I am finding myself to not have much will power lately when it has come down to food aka chocolate, so I reread a book: Help me Stop Eating ________! By Paul Wayne Browman. I enjoyed the book for a quick jump start on why I eat and crave certain things. I like to keep it simple, and he explained in a simple yet to the point way, of why I (Americans) eat a lot of junk.  I recommend reading it, but here is a tidbit that I plan on implementing into my life. It's called  My Ten Minute Food Challenge, it's only for ten minutes, and I think almost any one can do this, at home or at work.

My ten minute food challenge
When I crave food when I am not hungry I will do this:

Take a couple deep breaths

Ask Why I want this food, or what is stressing me out?

Do a five minute exercise- Hy-Vee Kid fit video, or stretches, yoga poses (youtube)

If I am hungry after exercising then eat a fruit, or a cheese stick with a glass of water
Then decide if I want that food, and enjoy it without feeling guilty.

Other good activities to get your mind off of food are:
Calling a friend and talk
Coloring, blowing bubbles, playing with modeling clay aka playdoh or model magic,  (all kid activities)

Diffuse essential oils, grapefruit, elevation,  or any other favorite ones.

Wish me luck!

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