Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It's Seminary time! and I am starting my second semsester of teaching high school students The Old Testament in the early morning (5:45-6:30 Monday through Friday.) Wha Who any one else super excited for this time like I am? really no one, well Maybe i'm a nerd that really likes early mornings and  haven't grown up yet! 

I Thought I would post these two subway art prints to my blog, I wish I could take the credit for designing them but I can't and the worse part is I seriously have no idea where I got them, a google search of two OT verses from Proverbs and there you go, so Thank you fellow Christian friend for making these! 

So after the short - I mean a wonderful summer full of sun shine, life got better, yes with the positive thinking and with some family therapy life is going better. This summer we moved into our 2nd home, (sold our first house.) We have fallen in love with the location and the neighborhood, Our Church is only a 10 min. drive instead of a 45 minute drive (thank heaven!) DH is adjusting quite well at his new job.

So life is Good once again. I was just thinking to day that I think I understand why we have to go through some trials, it's so we know exactly how to help some one else when they are going through something you have already have experienced and to show love and patience to them. I truly believe that is the only reason why we have to have trials, and that is one of the reason's why when you look back on a trial time in your life you would never want to not go through it, it makes you stronger and refine's you to who Heavenly Father wants you to be. Ins't that a perfect plan that Heavenly Father has for us?

I truly believe that when you are in the rut of everyday life scripture study is so important, I always thought that reading the scripture, feasting on the scriptures as Nephi said was something that I would do when I didn't have little ones. I was wrong. in the midst of trying to reevaluate who I am and who I want to become (moving and redefining my self were the big reasons for self contemplation) I realized that Praying to know who the lord wanted me to be was in my best interest but also for my family's best interest (as I didn't want to relive the last part of my life.) I was awestruck, extremely happy and overwhelmed when I was called to be a co-teacher for early morning seminary for the Ankeny wards. I knew that what I had to go through was for my benefit, so I could be refined into what the lord wants me to become. I will say this about scripture study: first it's not always fun, and it's not always practical, but it's worth it. I read that to really get into the scriptures and to feel the effects of scripture study, to really have the spirit testify of truths of the gospel you should read for 45 minutes a day (sounds a lot like what Dr's tell you to do when your trying to live a healthy lifestyle  to work out 45 minutes a day doesn't it?) However 45 mins a day (I think of it as my time to reevaluate my self, my situations, and reading from the prophets, help me have a bigger and broader perspective than my own. and I love it! I also want to add, that the more I make this into a habit I understand just how simple the gospel, the commandments are and how pure the words truly are!

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