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My 52 item list for food storage

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My 52 item list for food storage

You know that I love getting a good deal and then stocking up on it when it is a good deal, with not to many strings attached, like using coupons and store coupons and then going to Ibotta to get an even better price. No I like the rock bottom deals that happen once a year. The list I made up has the timing when grocery go on sale at the lowest price so you can stock pile
Here is 52 items that you can buy that isn't that expensive to help with your food storage.  the idea is that each week of the year you get what you think you need for the year, or 3 or 6 months depending on your situation (aka space you have to store.)

For example I know my family likes spaghetti a lot, I go all out when this is my price point. I will buy at lest 52 cans of spaghetti sauce when it's at my price point. same thing with all the other food, so at any given week you will buy 52 of one thing, that could potentially last you for the year...
the beauty of this plan is that if there isn't a good sale that week or funds are a bit low the sale will come back around every 2-6 months, so it's a really forgivable plan.

These sales are taken from Hy-Vee's sales cycle, but other Grocery stores are on the same general cycle. It's also important to note that I wrote this list knowing that these items are on sale some time during that month so it is very possible that the item doesn't go on sale the week I say it is, but be on the look out for that item to be on sale during that month or a couple weeks after.

January January- February is frozen food months look out for good deals. 
week 1 Oat Meal
week 2 granola bars, nutrigrain bars, healthy high protein/fiber bars
Week 3  vitamins (shelf life isn't that long, so restock again in summer) and protein powder, healthy food items
Week 4: Sea Food- frozen, fresh, or canned. its a great time to buy and stock up!
week 5: frozen breads- garlic, warm and ready, frozen noddles.

February: National canned food month
Week 1 Syrup, Honey, pancake mix
Week2 Canned fruit, (I like to buy oranges and peaches, every three months)
Week 3 canned Beans, tomato sauce
Week 4 Frozen Vegetables and  Frozen Pizza's and dinners, be careful to only buy what you have room for.

Week juice, apple, lemon, and other juices you drink and cook with.
week 2  Butter
week 3 Strawberries, frozen fruit
week 4 Chicken- whole ones that you can roast and shred and then freeze the meat.

Week 1 Ham, (also on sale in November)
Week 2 Spehgetti sauce (march is also a good time to get this deal)
Week 3 Butter (on sale during Easter, best price of the year, I like to freeze it!)
Week 4 Baking supplies, cake, brownie, mixes, Marshmallows, chocolate chips and stock up on flour and sugar, the next good deals won't be until November.
week 5  sports drinks, bottle water, flavored water

Week 1 BBQ sauce, Salad dressing and marinades and salt
Week 2 Hot dogs, brats and other grilling meats
Week 3 Sunscreen, and bug spray
Week 4 fresh berries, and vegetables

June National Dairy month   
Week 1 Dairy - think of freezing yogurt, ice cream, heavy whipping
Week 2 mason Jars (also on sale in August, but I find the best deals in June)
Week 3 Paper goods, toliet paper. napkins, paper towles
Week 4 Paper goods, plastic ware, paper plates,

week 1 Pop sickles
week 2 back to school supplies, pencils, pens, binders, crayons, markers, notebooks (it's a great week to do some shopping (after July 4th))
Week 3 office supplies
Week 4 fresh produce to freeze and can (I like to get tomoatoes and make bruchetta)
week 5 baked beans, and other picnic sides (pickles, olives,  suddenly salads)

August ( not a great month for deals on food, I save some  of this month's budget for November)
Week 1 pudding cups
week 2 Cereal (Chex and other cereal are on sale in November)
Week 3 Facial Tissues
week 4 and disinfectant wipes
Week 5  fresh peaches freeze them or can them!

September (also a slow month for deals, I save some money for November and December)
week 1 Apples
week 2 diabetic supplies(only if needed)
week 3 back to school snacks and cereal
week 4 chia seeds

Week 1 canned Pumpkin
Week 2 alarm clocks, batteries, smoke detectors
week 3 nuts
week 4 canned soup
Week 5 Tooth past, and oral care

week 1 evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk
week 2 canned vegetables and broth
week 3 Turkey and Ham
week4: Noodles -all kinds, this items goes on sale throughout the year, my price point is $1.00
week 5 flour, sugar, baking supplies

week  1 potatoes, like instant potatoes, betty Crocker  boxed potatoes, canned sweet potatoes
week 2 crakers, dips, seasoning mixes for dip
week 3 pie crusts, jello
week 4  canned vegetables and fruit
week 5 spices

 ok, maybe there is a bit more than 52 items for food storage but this really works for me, and it's an easy no brainier way to get a good stock pile. 

I hope this helps!

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