Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Circle cut 3d flower tutorial

Got a circle punch, die, or svg file that you love, I have one favorite thing to do with simple circles, yep love them! I like to use them for embellishments for cards and scrapbooks

1. Cut out 7-8 circles on card stock, mine were 2 inches
2. Fold each circle in thirds ( like a gate fold but make it look like pedals, make sure both folds make a point at the end)
3. arrange the petals around to make it look like a full flower. (I do this so I can play with where I want the flower placed.
4. ink edges if desired, or if you used double sided paper skip this step.
5. Glue pedals in place on to background paper of your choice. (my paper was from Hobby Lobby)
6. Glue an embellishment in the center (button, brad, gem, pearl,) I used three small gems for the center, you will want some thing since it's hard to get the points to match perfectly in the middle and you will want to hide any imperfections.

There you have it, a beautiful simple way to use up some circles to make a 3d flower.

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