Wednesday, July 10, 2013

back to School Season starting Now!

Yes I am super excited for this season to finally start, it could be that my first born is starting PK and I think of all the fun things she will be doing, or it could be that I really really like to hoard back to school supplies for the year, I mean do I really need all the .1 cent items at staples... No but why not get them and use them for creative gifts.

So What deals to look for during the month of July and August: Any and all school supplies, lab tops, but my favorite house hold staple: peanut butter, jelly, easy mac and other college dorm room necessities(mini fridge, microwave, other small appliances) and clothes. My favorite sale item this season is PB- yep I plan on buying pb for $1 a jar about 40 jars will keep for a year in our house. clothes, I usually stock up on underwear and socks for the year, I wait to buy jeans when they are at a good price point ($5-$10 new or gently used).

as I get my crafty on look for ideas to use post it notes, and other ideas for those school supplies you just can't resist to buy.

btw: Jiff is on sale this week at your local Hy-Vee for $1.48 so if your running low get some now



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