Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tired Of Those Lids Cluttering Up Your Cabinet?

We finally got tired of all the pot lids taking up all of our under cabinet space! They are virtually impossible to stack and just very irritating. So if you are as tired of it as we were here is what you do.


Wood Screws

Curtain Rods (Click here to get them now!)

Curtain Rod Holders (Click here to get them now!)

Screwdriver or Drill (Click here to get it now!)




First take your curtain rods (most of them come with the holders already with them) attach the holders and place them across your cabinet. Take the level and make sure the rod is level going across.

On the corners of your curtain rod holders mark it with a pencil. This way you know where they go as you will now remove the rod and take the holders off. Screw the holders in place using your mark you just made as your guide.

Now just place your rod back onto the holder and voila you now have a handy place to store those lids. Typically you can get 2 rods on each cabinet door. I have one with 3 but it holds the smaller lids.

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