Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Space Saver! What A Nice Way To Organize Towels!

Another really easy project!


Baskets (Click here to get it!)

Drywall Screws and Anchors!

Level (Click here to get it!)


Drill or Screwdriver (Click here to get it!)


Take your 3 baskets and find a place in the bathroom near the shower or bathtub that will be convienient to place baskets on the wall.

Take and hold your first basket open end facing you…the largest one on the bottom or whatever you prefer…on the wall with the level sitting on top. This may be easier with some help..though I did it alone. Then once basket is level mark the corner with a pencil.

Take 2 of your drywall screws and drill or screw them through the basket about 1/4 inch away from upper corners on the inside of the basket. If you hold the basket against the wall when the screw passes throuhg the basket it will leave a mark for you so that you can put your anchors in.

Remove basket from wall and then insert or drill in the drywall anchors. Return basket to wall and screw the drywall screws into the anchors.

Repeat for the remaining baskets.

Note: You may want to use washers over the screws as this will give a more solid hold. Also I put screws in to all 4 corners.

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