Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Flower Art Work Tips

Edited final Picture

Picture that I took

Ahh Spring in my house, I Love it! So I had to get a picture of some simple Gerber Daisy's and I am so happy it turned out, I love the ditital aspect of so many things but I thought I would share some simple times on taking pictures of flowers and editing them

When taking pictures of flowers my rules are:
Get in Close, the closer the better most times
have natural light when possible
Take the picture at diffrent views, and angles, what you see is not always what the camera will see

and practice makes perfect

When editing flower pictures,

Crop out the flaws, use the Van Gough rule, have three sides of the flower/subject touching the sides
Play with the picture to see if the picture looks better in a toned color or in black and white
Simple effects are just enough to make the flower look artistic like my picture does!

Now what to do with the picture, I am thinking of printing this on Canvas and framing it as a piece of art work.

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