Monday, April 24, 2017

Teaching Food and STEM together

What? you don't let your kids play with food? I love letting my kids play with their food if it's a learning opportunity, I think you will agree, MY KIDS LOVE THIS activity!  It's a two materials activity that you most likely have on hand!

Are your kids like mine and cheese balls are the first and only thing they want to eat right now? I thought so! I came up with a way to "teach" my kids while they eat their cheese balls. All you need is toothpicks, cheese balls and, some engineering skills and you got yourself a fun playful snack, We had fun building a little house, but I like using this as a way to teach math and shapes, and curiosity: how long is the table with cheese balls and toothpicks? You get the idea, the sky's the limit with cheeseballs and toothpicks! We also like to make shapes and talk about the shape.

I get my toothpicks and cheese balls at our local Hy-Vee. ( I have a love obsession with finding stuff at the grocery store that makes for fun toys for my kids.

Enjoy creating and playing with your food!

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