Friday, April 7, 2017

How to become a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM)

I am so excited to share my experiences with you on how I became a Stay at home mom! I hope this series will inspire and uplift or enrich your life, and your family's life! My hope is that you can find the real potential and the real experience that I have had on staying at home to raise my kids. It's a very persona decision and it's not for everyone but if you try it you may want to continue to stay at home with your children and raise your family!

The how:

Maybe you are finally pregnant and are ecstatic to be a  SAHM like I was over 8 years ago. Maybe you just want to stay with your small baby and can’t go back to work because you can’t leave your baby with anyone else OR maybe it’s because you lost your job and you are now wondering how it all works. You came to the right spot.

In my own experience I “put” my husband through school, meaning I supported him financially (I paid for rent, food utilities, and  transportation while he was in school.) For  the rest of the cost of education, we are still paying that off (we are finally on the downhill side of that huge payment.) When I got pregnant, on his last year of his rotations, and became a stay at home mother. I was at that point I was loving the life of being a stay at home mother for two weeks, I was really pregnant and thought OH this is the LIFE. Then my daughter came and I was blindsided for about a year, I realized in like two weeks that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and how to do it… all the other mothers made it look insanely easy to just stay at home and be with their baby! It wasn't like that for me at all. I had meltdowns (the ones that my soon to be toddler will have when their world isn’t right.) Yeah, that was me for 5 years!  

My meltdowns might seem a bit dramatic, they were very much an internal struggle, and I finally realized that it was because I wasn’t spending enough time on myself. It was then That I had to realize and understand that this motherhood thing wasn’t at all what I thought, and maybe this SAHM thing isn’t about me, but about the family as a whole.

The experience of staying at home, nursing my daughter was a huge wake up call, I felt like a piece of meat for this ravenous baby that all she wanted me for was the food, until she looked at me and smiled, and I thought Ahhh ok, life is going to be all right as long as she can smile. That's when I realized that this may be worth it. It is!

My hope is that this blog post series will become a way to uplift and inspire you to become a SAHM. It’s the most beautiful and rewarding job there is, it’s a tough job that not everyone can do, and those that do it well, have a learned one thing: it’s not about them, it’s about the family as a whole.  

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  1. hi love your blog i was a stay at home mom we adopted our oldest and one of the conditions was that i would be a stay at home mom i loved it but as they grew older i saw it really was more important and even with them now grown guess what still very needed good luck on your blog and i think i would have benefited very much as a young mother from it


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