Monday, December 30, 2013

Home made dipped oreo's

I love giving home made gifts, and anything that is dipped in chocolate is even better, I say. So why not dip Oreo's in melted mint chocolate? The results were amazing! add some sprinkles and they were delicious!. Here is my recipe:

2 bags of mint chocolate chips (mine were Hershey's)
a Tbl. of oil (add when you are melting the chips in the microwave.
2 Packages of Oreo'es (I like the double stuff ones)

Melt the chocolate by adding the oil, in a microwave container (I use my Pampered Chef Micro cooker) at 30 sec. intervals, stirring ever 30 secs. Then one by one I dip the Oreo's into the chocolate with a dipping fork (regular fork also works) and tap the access chocolate off the cookie before laying it down on either wax paper or on parchment paper. I stored these in the fridge for about 2 weeks before I gave them away as gifts and they were fine.

For Packaging, I found some really cute tins at a garage sale for like .10cents, and thought that is a perfect Christmas treat present container! I snatched all 5 up. I cleaned them up, with a damp soapy cloth, and once it was dry I used tissue paper to line the tins.  Here is my finished product.

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