Monday, September 19, 2011

A best kept secret: a thrift store

I got lucky, I mean really lucky at our trift store in town, all these clothes ready to be put away in baby brothers room ( I love washing and drying new clothes I get from thrift stores and garage sales)  I paid a Wopping $16.00 for all of these clothes! It was a laundry basket full! I was ecstatic for most of the weekend!

Some tips as to how to get good clothes at thrift stores are:
go early, just like garage sales, Go on days that they have sales, this sale was .25 cents per item, other stores will have tag sales like all red tags are 70% off, and so on, have a price in mind as to what you are willing to pay for it, nothing is more upsetting to me when I pay almost retail price for something at a thrift store. 
Makes sure you look at the piece of clothing carefully, no stains, or holes, and so on, again nothing is more upsetting to me when I get home and realized that oh bummer that it has a hole I can't fix, or man how did I not notice that big orange stain?

Clearance items are always great too, Kohls is my favorite place to go to shop for clearance items, I got my 2 year old daughter a name brand coat at 90% off retail price, You can't go wrong with that!

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