Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby bibs

I am a crafter by nature, I love sewing and making things, most of the cute stuff that is in my house you could guess that I made it. So it's no surprise that when I found out I was having a Boy I went crazy one day making cute baby boy bibs, They are super easy and cute! For no money at all, I used scraps for the bibs, and old towels for the backing, white tread I got at a garage sale this summer and Velcro for the fastened. it was literally almost  A no cost project (I made 8) If you do not have old towels laying around go to a thrift store and buy some, I got some extra ones for a $1, I plan on getting about 4-6 out off. This is also a great beginner's project if you are just learning how to sew.

Go here for the template and the instructions, please note that if you like to sew this is a very awesome site for so many projects, I can't live with out it!

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