Monday, April 11, 2011

Sam’s Club Open House – No Fees for Non-Members!

Sam’s Club Open House – No Fees for Non-Members!

If you’ve been wanting to try warehouse shopping, here's your chance. Sam’s Club is having an open house this Friday 4/15 – Sunday 4/17. Non members can shop from 11am-6pm with no service fees! If you sign up for membership during this event you’ll get a free Sam’s Club cookbook (while they last) and a $10 e-gift card for

When comparing prices, remember that Sam’s Club does not accept manufacturer’s coupons. Also, it has been my experience that many of their grocery items are priced on the high side. Those that are moderately priced are usually still higher than what you’d pay at the local supermarket when you combine sale prices + coupons.

For example, I found Horizon Organic milk (half gallons) for $3.04 at my local Sam’s. The local supermarket has it for $3.38, but I have a $1/1 coupon that drops the price to $2.38.

The best deals I’ve found at Sam’s have been on books, DVDs, electronics, tires and clothing. It doesn’t hurt to stop by and have a look around during this free event to see if membership might be worth it for you!


I agree with her, just shop carefully when you and if you go shopping there. I know its a fun place to shop and you can find different things you might not find at your local supermarket. If anything this i a great way to see if you might like it! HAVE FUN!!!!

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