Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fareway April 6-12

strawberries $.99LB
cantaloupe $1.48each
fresh green beans $.78
celery $.78
Betty Crocker Russet Potatoes $1.49 5lb bag
Dole salad blend & kits 3/$5
Del Monte Gold Pineapple $2.48
Fareway white bread $.88
bone-in chicken breast $.99LB
online coupon for .50/1) sunbelt bars 3/$5


  1. at fareway they have swiffer wet jet on sale for 18.99, there is a P&G coupon for $5 off. They are usually $19-22. so you can get it for $13.99. They also have Tostinos chips 2 for $5 and by the front they have pull coupons $1 off 1. In Eldora at Fareway they have the Llyodd's Woodfire meats on sale for $3.99 and there was a coupon in either SS or RP for $1 off 1. So they are $2.99 regular price is $5.99-$7.99. Pringles at both are also 3/$4 and there is a coupon $1 off 3. They are regular price $1.69. but you get them for $1 each with coupon! Hope these are good deals, I thought they were! :)

    PS there is a rebate for the swiffer on line somewhere!


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