Saturday, August 5, 2017

Living a better Creative life as a CreativeBug

Inspired by an Art Jornal class from CB
I really enjoy the summer with the kids home, I love the laughter that they bring to me in the afternoon when my living room is a mess with their new creation of a zoo, or a city, or a habitat for their pretend animals, or when our living room transforms into a vet clinic. It's a magical place to be if you are a kid!

Autograph Art Journal inspired by CB!
I love seeing all the fun things my kids can come up with, I love seeing them paint something and think that they are awesome! I am not feeling that these days I paint something and I think well, good thing that wasn't a masterpiece in the making, this will never see the light of day as long as I am alive.  So how do we become more creative? Besides the obvious reasons like the Just Do It phrase  CreativeBug may be a great answer, Right now CreativeBug is doing a monthly challenge to help you become more creative! ready to join me?

Day one 
Courtney said that it's not about what the drawing (art) is, it's about establishing a habit!
Paper Peony class from CreativeBug
What great advice! The activity was Blind Contour drawing which is super fun, I can't wait to do this with my kids!

Day two: Observing! She recommends doing a color swatch book, each day you have a color of the day that you love, and then you name that color, so like today I would Choose a teal green, and name it tall grass because on my morning walk we saw tall grass, it was beautiful! Courtney says to become more creative you should observe more (be in the present) and write down 6 things you saw today that jumped out at you, and 6 things you did, and something you overheard or read that jumped out at you. I am so excited to start this 6x3 observing challenge!

I can't wait to see what the other days will be like, I think August is one of the hardest months to be creative, personally, this is a great time to enjoy creativity, and let it flow like it should!

Paper Rose class from CreativeBug
Creativity is in all of us, the kids, the mother, the grandmother, the Lawyer, the Doctor, the accountant, we are all made to be creative! I am so glad that my amazing Husband found CreativeBug for me and bought CreativeBug for me as a "stocking Stuffer" I have really enjoyed this for the past 6 months!

Things you may not have known about CreativeBug that makes me happy:

It's subscription based (like Netflix) for less than $5 a month (totally worth your sanity!)

You get one class credit every month that is yours forever, just log in even if you don't have a subscription, or let your subscription expire! I have gotten all the Yao Cheng Classes for future reference!

All over floral pattern from
Yao Cheng Watercolor class

They donate %5 to Art Education! WOW!

The instructors sometimes will critique and comment on work, I personally have had Yao Cheng comment on one of my questions/concern I had when starting out with watercolor. It made me feel like I was able to connect with the instructor on a more personal level.
Geometric Pattern inspired by Yao Cheng watercolorist

LISA CONGDON is amazing! I love that she is on Creativebug!

I came to the conclusion that CreativBug is a great resource for family art activity time and kid art time!

Lots of great Ideas with the kids and art! We did Bubble painting and the kids loved it, Thanks, CreativeBug!

I would love to know what you are excited to learn with CreativeBug, leave a comment and Follow me on CreativeBug!

Get your first month of Creativebug for just $1, then save 30% at Jo-Ann

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