Friday, February 27, 2015

Dance Party

I love to dance with my kids, and when cousins come into the picture it’s a Dance Party! (Dancing with my kids is my exercise when I can’t get out and walk the dog. So here are some fun ways you can keep your kids entertained and dancing for an good hour, yes I promise a good hour of dancing exercise for momma’s and kids here is  my game plan:

Lighting: multi colored Twirly flashy light ball -  I wish I knew the name of this said thing but you can find one for about $17 on sale, I got mine at Lowes and then bought another one because 2 is better than one. With the multi colored twirly light ball going I turn of the lights and just let the colors dance around the room.
Things to dance with: puppets, cheer leader pom poms  scarfs, dress up clothes, silly hats, ribbon streamers , makes sure if it’s to dark you use another light  room to put in the dress up cloths so no one gets hurt. 

Music : we like to dance in our living room so we will put on Pandora on, if it’s really impromptu I have my smart phone with Amazon Prime music on it with a blue tooth speaker to use for more sound. I like Rover Beats T12 for this, it’s small and portable, so if we are outside its great as well. I like to put on Amazon Prime play list for a long dance party, my favorite play list is Songs to bug your parents, honestly one hour of dancing to this music will be enough for a long time but it’s great songs to dance to because they are so silly.

Other tips:  I like to dance, with my kids, once I stop they usually will too, that’s just how it works. I also like to put in some our our family favorite songs, along with silly ones like the Chicken Dance. Oh yeah and move furniture out of the way so you have plenty of room to dance, better yet go out side! We have lots of fun!

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  1. Wow, this dance party looks wonderful! I am in love with these details. I am also a dance freak and recently got married at the local New York wedding venues and had had arranged a fun couple dance competition too.


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