Friday, July 6, 2012

Oh what do you do in the summer time?

Yes it's hot out, you want to what out side? Those things seem to be the things I say a lot these days with my preschooler, luckily she is fine with stuff we do inside ( I am a hermit and am proud to say it!)  So here are some of my saving graces when it comes to staying inside, lots of these ideas cost nothing, just imagination and time with your kiddo, which I am all about!

Most of the websites I mention are great resources for time killers with your kiddo(s)!  One of my favorite things to do on Pinterest is to look at what my other friends are doing, (I am not a stocker, my friends are just awesome and want to know what works for them)  I have found some simple and easy ways to fill up a dull hot afternoon. (Go crazy searching) has some great posts called Summer Staycation, has some awesome ideas if you want to have some fun with your kiddos on limited budget, There are a ton of great ideas I can't even start naming them

Teach Mama has a post of 150 things to do when your kiddos get board she calls them fun sticks, (I love lists)  Lots of no cost have around your house activities. Go here for the post has some great ideas on hand print art it's a great website when you don't have much but time on your hands, all you need is markers and or paint and some creative imagination and you and your kiddo(s) are ready to create tons of animals, This website also has a ton ideas on how to use these creations. we especially like the dogs, fish, and penguin hand print animals has a bucket list of summer activities that will take the dull moments out of the house go here for the list of activities. My favorite is the glow sticks in the bathtub, indoor picnic, sponge finger painting, a preschool or school activity book (I will hope to blog about this one on a different post.) animal of the day/week

I hope this helps with the hot days of summer, as always pin your favorites onto pinterest, or if your like me I like hard copies as well so I will print out the things that I love so I have a reference when I can't get onto the computer!

Happy Lazy Days of Summer, It's going to be a hot couple of months for us!

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