Friday, December 30, 2011

Babycakes Cake Pops

There are some things that you want; but don't really see the point in really needing it right? For example, "another Kitchen gadget" that will take up space and become a dust collector. Yes I am really guilty of said items, And I haven't really bought anything for our kitchen for a whole year! (go me) although the thought of having a Pampered Chef party does sound like "fun" So my point is I am really trying to not buy kitchen gadgets and think and act on "make it do or do with out" when it comes to the kitchen.

However when I got my Babycake Cake Pop maker I was totally excited, yes my mother-in law knows me too well, and knew that this would be something I would make and like to do... And so began my love affair with this (girly) kitchen gadget.

I was skeptical and first, thinking this might not be what I expect either the the cake balls/doughnut holes will not come out good, and it wont be worth my time or the whole process of cooking these things will not be worth my time. I WAS SO WRONG, I LOVE IT, and think every mom that has a toddler should have one, as they are great for a small snack with small hands. 

I started with something easy, doughnut holes, they turned out wonderful, I used a chocolate muffin mix (yep 39 weeks pregnant, not thinking about calories much these days) I used a sugar glaze to frost/coat them .

 I decided that putting the batter in a bag, cutting the tip off of the bag will help, less mess and faster to fill the compartments to make it easier I put a bag in a cup to fill. 
 Filling the pop cakes compartments was a breeze with a bag. cooking these little babies took 4-6 minutes. super fast for a hungry toddler
Yummy, with a small muffin mix, the ones that make like 6 muffin is perfect size for a small family. 

Other ideas that I have or want to do are:

Corn Bread nuggets: make Corn Bread from a Jiffy Mix, use syrup to add a glaze if needed. 

Corn Dog Nuggets: go Here

Cinnamon  Roll nuggets/balls, if you don't feel like making the dough  Pillsbury dough is a great option go here for the directions

and of course there are the regular cake pops you could make, those possibilities are endless, when making the cake mix use only half of the water, or you could do brownie bites/balls just follow the directions as cake like brownies. 

I am sure I will have more posts on this awesome useful kitchen gadget to come! If you have one I would love to know what you love to do with yours. 

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