Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Girly hair bows

I have been on a mission to keep my little toddler's growing hair under control,  not having a budget for hair accessories, I thought, a bit of ribbon and embellishments would be enough for cute hair bows so I made my own!

hair accessories are so easy to make, and there are a ton of tutorials out there, watch some videos on youtube, and search for ways to make home made hair bows, I just thought I would post an introduction to hair bows. you can save a ton of money on hair accessories if you make your own.

Here are some great youtube clips on how to make hair clips, what would I do with out you tube?

Ribbon roses, are so beautiful, go here for the video

What you need are

Hair clips, and barrettes you can find them at Hobby Lobby in the jewlery section,( use a 40% off coupon if they are not on sale for 50% off)

Ribbon, I like all sizes and colors find what will work out best for your style.

Embellishments, my favorite are the plastic gems you find in the scrapbook section and in the jewelry section, also buttons work well too.

a hot glue gun and glue

needle and thread

I like to cover my clips with ribbon before I glue on the bow, or the embellishment but what ever works is going to look just fine.

you can see that some of the clips just have gems on them, all I did was cover my clip with ribbon, hot glue the gems on that was it! so simple and cute!

Have fun they really are a fun project to do during nap time or watching Rella (Cinderella) with your daughter for the 20th time this month!

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